Meditation is Life’s essential Process. Meditation is a process to help us go back to our source. As humans, we tend to rush to our past memories and future plans. This kind of rush to the past and future can create a split in us, which can lead us to stress and depression. 

Meditation helps you to come out of stress and depression and brings you Freedom and Celebration in your life. Meditation is free energy and is our enlightenment purpose. It also can be useful like medicine, for any physical or mental problems, by releasing the emotional blocks connected to them.

Meditation means AWARENESS. When we practice meditation it improves our awareness, understanding reality, and discover the wisdom within it. 

How do we Practice?

The meditation Method  we practice is called “Anapanasati.” It comes from the ancient language of Pali, where “ānā” means “the inhale breath,” “pāna” means “the exhale breath,” and “sati” means awareness. Thus, Anapanasati means awareness of breath. 

Step 1: Find a comfortable sitting posture. Maintain a straight spine and relax the body. In our approach, we try to relax the whole body and mind as much as we can. 

Step 2: Feel all the parts of your body deeply. Once you feel relaxed in every part of your body, relax your mind, and keep observing the natural breath.

Step 3:  Keep observing the breath objectively with a balanced mind. Whatever mind activity is going on, try not to give any priority to it. Just be with the breath.

Step 4:  While observing the breath, old habit patterns of the mind may rise. For example, you may become tired. We have to alert ourselves and observe the breath. Note: try not to become lost in your thoughts (i.e. try not to be unconscious to your thoughts), or, try not to fall asleep.

Step 5:  Once we are observing the breath objectively, the pressure of thoughts will be neutralized and our mind will become balanced. Step by step our meditation will lead us to the deepest inner silence of an empty mind. Even when we are in silence, we still may have thoughts or hear sounds from outside of us, but at this stage, less and less can influence our minds. This state can be called a meditative state.  

Step 6: Once we are in a deep inner silence or an empty state of mind, our deeper energetic bodily will start receiving cosmic energy, and this will help us cleanse any blockages in the body and mind.  

With meditation practice, we constantly improve our awareness of the reality of Life. We start to realize Life’s wisdom. We start to see the true essence of the laws of Nature.


This can reduce your need for too much medical care, and increase your well-being. 

 Benefits of Meditation:   

If you keep a stable practice of meditation, you may receive the following benefits: self connectivity, deep self-love, grateful living, and improved confidence, self-healing power, emotional intelligence, a reduction in the effects of trauma, a deeper sense of faith and honesty, a closer connection with nature and animals and everyone around. 

Meditation can increase your feeling of joy with every small thing that happens in Life. 

It can also help reduce the severity of any disease, and even cure it…

Meditation can give complete mental and physical health.

Activities Recommend

The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.