Art Of Movement

Movement is magical. If a scientist creates a robot and is gives movement to that robot, we feel it is like magic. The more advanced movements the robot does, the more wonderful we feel. That’s the power and magic of movement. Imagine a person who can’t move any part of her body for 30 years. After 30 years she is given the chance to move her hand. Can you imagine how precious the movement would be to her? If we start observing them in ourselves, we may begin to quickly realize that the movements we are making in our lives are priceless. 

However, if we lose that observation ability because of our judgmental minds, we might stop the natural and free movements of our bodies. We become afraid that someone might judge us. This is an unconscious pattern that will prohibit the free and natural movement of our bodies.

This is the reason we call our practice of present movement, the ART of MOVEMENT. 

In this practice, every single movement you make, you can observe with full awareness and accept unconditionally. When you spontaneously move your body full of awareness, it helps open your energy system and gives you great insight into your life and your potential.

This freedom of movement will amplify the quality of your meditation. The Art of Movement plays a very important role in making you feel free. It also offers a great opportunity in increasing your dancing ability to make it come alive.

Steps to Practice:

Step 1:  Warm your body and allow your body to move freely.

Step 2:  Keep moving your body consciously and spontaneously.

Step 3:  Respect every move of your body, accept every rhythm, and continue the flow with full awareness.

Step 4:  Since the mind has old patterns and conditions, never give priority to your judgments. Instead, focus deeply on your connection to your sensations and allow your wisdom.

Step 5: Continue the movement and rhythm until your body needs rest.

Step 6: Sit in Meditation to practice and improve your awareness.

If you begin a regular practice every day, it can open your mind and cultivate freedom and liveliness.

Activities Recommend

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