Adventure Trips

The whole universe is an adventure. We have an adventurous life force within us, but unfortunately, sometimes we forget it because of our daily duties and demands. We become distracted by the competing nature of success and failure. 

However, when we do not permit us to access our adventurous life force, we cannot experience our fullest potential. We may miss out on our relationship with Nature. If we miss our connection with Nature, we may not experience the true healing power of the body, and our immune system may not respond as well. Going back to Nature often is essential to healing the body and mind.

Diviners Adventure Trips combine meditation, a vegan diet, and environmental care. We encourage people to go on adventures, both outer and inner, as much as they can. 

Be alive and enjoy life.  

Activities Recommend

The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.