Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa is the founder and creator of EmbodyBirthTM (Maha’s signature childbirth education and preparation program for mothers-to-be and birth professionals who care for them since 1997), author of Dance of the Womb: The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth book, creator of the follow on BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series (Dance … Read more

Hoanh Nguyen

Hoanh Nguyen – Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Meditation Instructor  Having more than 6 years of experience in practicing Yoga and being able to guide various types of: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundhalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation. – Training 13 courses of Yoga Instructor 200h – Founder of Yen Yoga & Beauty Nha Trang … Read more

Dr Romy Paredes MD

He is the visionary founder of Wellnessland Health Institute and Wellnessland Wholeness Center, a leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education. His holistic retreat center is a member of the Holistic Centers Network(, an international network of holistic centers whose vision lies at the heart of each one: a commitment … Read more

Phương-Hồng Nhất Lê

Le Nhat Phuong Hong – The originator of the natural birth movement Known as an international expert in breastfeeding and infant nutrition, “Mrs. Le Nhat Phuong Hong has participated and completed famous courses such as “Food as Medicine” of Monash University. , “Introduction to Food and Health” by Stanford University, “Programming for Infant and Young … Read more

Aneta Kichenko

Aneta Kichenko  – beautiful chef Vegan Chef of Heal & Celeb Restaurant. Do you know? In the face of life’s events, Aneta Kichenko was determined to change her life when she met the team of Diviners and Master Ojas Oneness. Thanks to her exceptional talent, she is not only a chef but also Artistic Director … Read more

Dinh Thi Huong Thao

Dinh Thi Huong Thao –  Dienchanist Even though she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering and a bachelor’s degree in English, she turned to the path of studying, practicing and teaching Dien Chan since 2014 (under the guidance of her first teacher, her mother, pharmacist Nguyen Thi Quoc Khanh).  In December 2014, she … Read more

Shreans Daga

Founder of Shreans Daga Foundation focusing on Transcendental Breathwork – A therapeutic and powerful breathing technique which is a mix of Shamanic breathing and intense music. A successful entrepreneur’s spiritual journey unintentionally started at a very young age of 19 years, when he overcame a major medical illness through a newly acquired practice of meditation. … Read more

Artists & Speakers in Enlightenment

AA 38 _Michel-Pascal

Michel Pascal

Meditation teacher, , film director of spiritual documentaries, Transformational Meditation singer,….
AA20 -Pari Patri

Pari Patri

Executive Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, Energy Worker
AA28 Temple Hayes

Temple Hayes

Global Spirtual Leader, Author, Difference Maker
AA16-Cristian Eltrayan

Cristian Eltrayan

International holistic speaker, Soul Healing therapist

Master Niranjan Banka

Founder of Inner Flow Healing
AA 15 Windy Zarah

Zarah Windy

Energy Healer, Mentor and Coach
AA17 _ Mukesh Joyful

Mukesh Joyful

Spiritual Master
AA18 Sahil

Sahil Kandoi

Spiritual Master , Founder of Awakened Youths & National President of PSSM PYMA
AA 34 - Nguyễn Hồng Huấn

Nguyen Hong Huan

Speaker, book author
AA40 Van Anh

Van Anh

Co Founder & Host @Be Blessed Sacred Feminine Tribe

Arts & Speakers in Health

AA32- Shreans Daga

Shreans Daga

Manifestation Mentor & Breathwork Coach
cô Thảo

Dinh Thi Hương Thao

AA08 - Aneta

Aneta Kichenko

Vegan Chef of Heal & Celeb Restaurant
AA10 - Hong

Phương-Hồng Nhất Lê

International Breastfeeding/ Child Nutrition/ Parenting Counselor
AA 14 DR Romy

Dr Romy Paredes MD

Holistic Medical Doctor
AA36 - Hoành Nguyễn

Hoanh Nguyen

Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation Instructor
AA39- Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa

Award Winning Independent Childbirth Educator

Arts & Speakers in Art


Master Ojas Oneness

Founder of Diviners Movement

Nimesh Patel (Nimo)

Singer, Musician
AA22 - Kasara

Professor Kasara

Professor & General Director of UCM Teaching & Research Center.
AA31 _Karen Drucker

Karen Drucker

Healing song writer, singer, author
AA33 - Nina Rao

Nina Rao

Kirtan singer
AA09 - The Alchemy Affair

The Alchemy Affair (Mike)

Music Band
AA - 37 AnhKien4

Trinh Trung Kien

Songwriter & singer
AA12 Minh Quan

Minh Quân Bùi

TV host, singer, actor
AA24 - Maya Banawa

Maya Banawa

Prophetic Artist Healer | Genuine Voice Coach & Sacred Life Guru
AA01 - Anand


Zumba Trainer
AA02 - Standford Reid

Stanford Reid

AA27 Linh An

Linh An

Jazz Dancer
AA03 - Ho Nhat Ha

Hồ Nhật Hà

Composer, Singer, Author
AA07 - Kali Dan

Kali Dan

Spray Paint Artist
AA19 Kavita

Kavita Saraf

Art Therapist, Life Coach, Soft Skill Trainer

Petr Pospisil

Overtone chanter, soundhealer
AA06 - Thủy Tiến

Hồng Thủy - Trần Tiến

Acroyoga performer
AA35 - Tien Zenda Nguyen2

Tien - Zenda Nguyen

MC, Yoga & English teacher-preneur

Edo Kahn

Mantra Musician

Ruth Broyde Sharone

Creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical
AA41 JessMagic-3

Jess Magic