Be our volunteers

Welcome to Diviners Volunteering team. It’s a most precious work to experiencing the divinity within and find your unique divine strength. Please read the below discipline codes to be part of our Diviners Volunteer team.

Discipline codes to become Diviners Volunteers
  1. You have to practice 2 times 10 days vipassana course and 10 days service in Vipassana centers. It will helps you understand the deepest Importance of mediation and gives you lots of discipline. Note: ( Vipassana course is free all over the world)

  2. Completing Transforming Art Course

By following above 2 steps process is eligibility to become Diviners volunteers.


Diviners organization was founded in the year 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness. formed to show the path of enlightenment through the Arts & Meditation. Our platform is to unite all awakened artists & consciousness people from around the world to give support to world peace & Celebration of Life.