Transforming Art 6 days online course 4-9 July 2020

  • 18:00 - 20:30  |  04 - 09/07/2020
  • Online

Transforming Art 6 days online course from 4-9 July 2020.
Fee: S$50
(Pay it forward to any charitable organisation for a good cause)


Transforming Art is one of the main techniques in the Diviners. Transforming art means allowing ourselves to transform by using art & meditation as a medium.
In this technique, various artistic & mindful exercises are practised to relieve you from emotional blocks and set you free, realizing your true self.
With the regular practice of this technique, we improve our creativity. All emotional blocks start releasing, finally leading us to the deeper state of meditation, hence purifying ourselves.

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The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.