Online Transforming Art – Live an abundance Life – 24-29/8-2020

  • 18:30 - 21:30  |  24 - 29/08/2020
  • Online via Zoom

Transforming Art, Round 1 – Live an abundance Life

Time: 18:30-21:30 Vietnam time, from 24-29/8-2020
Location: learn online

Energy sharing: 1,000,000 VND / student 

(The normal fee is 2,000,000 but discount 50% during Covid to support the community)

Ex-students are encouraged to repeat the course without paying any fee, they must commit to the full course.

Students can re-join whenever there is a new Online or face-to-face class.

We encourage to participate at least in 5 courses to gain more benefits.

With the guidance of Master Ojas Oneness.

Transforming inner emotions through Art and Meditation develops Improvisation and Awakening energy.

Unconscious recognition – unconscious transformation to master the mind.

You will understand the source of the energy that operates the Universe, recognize patterns of unconscious habits and you will awaken your potential. Improve your awareness, live a festive life, be free and understand your own purpose in life. Have a clear and sharp mind.

Energy, inspiration and festive energy are the unique uniqueness of Master Ojas Oneness.

With the guidance of Master Ojas Oneness, you will be able to awake these two sources of energy within yourself and to increase awareness through the practice of meditation.

Join us and transform with Diviners

Much love and light,

Diviners team

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The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.