Healing Retreat in Da Lat from 21-31/08/2020

  • 06:00 - 21:00  |  21 - 31/08/2020
  • Dalat

Detox your Body and Mind 

Awake your Spirit 

Experience the fullest blessings from Mother nature and celebration. 


Most of the time in this modern lifestyle, we miss to receive the healing energies from nature and also we forgot how to heal ourselves natural ways from the sicknesses in the body and mind. The real hospital is Nature and real medicine is food from nature. because our bodies and mind belong to nature. Welcome to join us in this amazing healing retreat by Master Ojas Oneness and Diviners team. 

This retreat opens your doors to go to the source of life and experience the deeper cleansing and healing. 

Highlights of Retreat: 

Regular Deep Meditation practice 

Art and creativity practices 

Colon detox 

Mental and emotional body detoxification 

Cellular purification with special food and meditation.

Trekking into nature and swimming in the river 

Barefoot walking and contact with mother earth which gives a good effect on our energy system. 

Special individual counseling from the master. 

The master will available to you 24/7 all time, whenever you need some answer any support for your healing.   

Involving in some adventure to face our fears and weakness. 

Taking a break from technology and rush schedules. 

Relaxation and deep enjoyment with self-being. 

 Every morning wake up with celebration and sleep with celebration. 


Who can join: 

> Those who want to make space for themselves and stay some days in nature. 

> Those who have an internal call to experience the awakening and explore spiritual life. 

 > Those who are fed up with hospitals and chemical medicine and trying to transit the natural ways of healing and alternative therapies. 

> Those who have family issues, emotional trauma, and suffering, and to come out of emotional imbalance. 

> A person from 15 years to 70 years. are welcome to join. doesn’t matter which profession you are. 

Who is Ojas Oneness: 

An awakened Artist, a blessed soul who got an opportunity to bring healing energies to the people those whoever ready to receive. master Ojas was specialized to guide people to experience awakening energies with us with the medium of Art and Meditation. He has been teaching & guiding transformational methods for 15 years while traveling many parts of the world. For the last 5 years he was in Vietnam and conducting Transforming Art courses which help people to experience self-transformation and awakening. 


more details of master ojas work please check this video: 



Our wesbite: www.diviners.in 


August 21st to 31st: 11 days Healing Retreat


Day1: Arrive at retreat place, arranging places to settle luggage and beds. The evening meeting with participants and master will guide the code of discipline and guidelines to experience profound healing. 


3 to 5 PM: Evening, Learning how to practice meditation, and proper inner silence. 

6 to 7 PM:        Dinner Time. 

7 to 8 PM:        Personal time spent with nature 

8 to 8:30 PM:  Gratitude meditation 

9 PM:                Go to healthy sleep. 




5:30 AM:  Wake up and get Shower 

6 AM:               Eating healthy sprouts & physical exercise to prepare the self for body detox 

6:30 to 7 AM:    Green Juice drinking 

7 to 7:30 AM:     Shower break 

7:30to 8:30 AM: Yoga practice and Meditation 


8:30 AM:             Wholesome Breakfast and Rest 

10: 12 PM:          Mind detox activity 

12 to1PM:           Lunch, Wholesome Vegan food. 

1 to 3 PM:            Personal spending in nature or take a nap in nature. 

3 PM to 6 PM:      Creative activity and Transforming Art technique practice. 

4 PM:                   Juice break & Snaks 

6 to 7 PM:            Dinner 

7 to 8 PM:           Spending personal time in nature 

8 to 8:30 PM:        Gratitude meditation  



5 AM:                    Wake up 

5:30 AM:               Sanku Prakshalana – Yogic process to cleanse the colon 

7 to 7:30 AM:        Shower break &  Green Juice drinking 

7:30to 8:30 AM:   Meditation Practice 


8:30 AM:               Wholesome Breakfast and Rest 

10: 12 PM:             Mind detox activity 

12 to1PM:               Lunch, Wholesome Vegan food. 

1 to 3 PM:               personal spending in nature or take a nap in nature. 

3 PM to 6 PM:         Creative activity and Transforming Art technique practice. 

4 PM:                       Juice break & Snacks 

6 to 7 PM:                 Dinner 

7 to 8 PM:                 Spending personal time in nature 

8 to 8:30 PM:             Gratitude meditation 


Therefore the same schedules will follow the remaining days, 

Every day 10 to 12 PM and 3 to 6 PM we will learn about the different techniques to detox our mental and emotional body. Sometimes spontaneously we all go-to tracking and also practice just with flow process. 


Code of Discipline: 


Follow inner silence as much you can 

Mobile and technology not allowed to use. 

mobile needed to hand over the master and when needed you can make calls for the important things. 

after 9 PM must go to sleep for your own benefit 

Please be alert to join the sessions on time. 

Always feel free to ask Master, if anything is not convenient to you. 


Love and Light! 


Diviners Team 

Schedules Recommend

The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.