Diviners Process is designed to bring awakening energy into the artists’ life. Our Technique called Transforming Art. which is a combination of spontaneous energy & Awareness . Art helps us to activate the spontaneousness and meditation helps us to improve awareness. this greatcombination awakens our higher state of consciousness and leads to the purification and enlightenment.

To be able to experience and master the true beauty and magnificence of our own life…the ‘Diviners Process’ is mainly classified into the following three stages.

The one who sincerely dedicates himself to practice all the steps involved in these three stages and gains mastery over this whole ‘Diviners Process’ will become and will be known as a ‘Diviner’. Any person or artist, from any corner of the world, who is interested in becoming a Diviner can come and stay at the ‘Diviners Ashram’ to practice these processes… completely free of cost. 

These Processes will come into form, from 2020. 

There are they are family members of Diviners Community and start working for Medium of Divine force.

Diviners are very spontaneous Artists, they use their artist’s energy to bring more peace into the world and transforming the people.

Diviners organization was founded in the year 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness. formed to show the path of enlightenment through the Arts & Meditation. Our platform is to unite all awakened artists & consciousness people from around the world to give support to world peace & Celebration of Life.