Totality in our Consciousness

  • 23/05/2020
  • Ojas Oneness
  • 1372

Life is frustrating when we are unconsciously conscious! We can never experience totality and completeness until we are objective to the happenings in our consciousness. People mostly live in a unconsciously conscious state.
Take this example: After someone has scolded us, we become so conscious with the words used against us, but we forgot to observe that we are trapped with the anger by thinking about the incident again and again.

When we withdraw money from the bank, we suddenly become conscious that this money might be stolen from us and we forgot to notice that we were falling into fear. These thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions can be happening within our consciousness, we just have to be totally objective towards our whole emotional pattens and study our energy system like a scientist, then only we will achieve a total consciousness.

Totality in our consciousness is the reflection of our Harmony within us and everything around us.

Practise to achieve a total consciousness, be blessed, be cheerful.

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