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Master Ojas Oneness has successfully completed his Asia tour from 13th Dec 2019 to 29th Feb 2020. During the time when he was in Taiwan, the Coronavirus outbreak happened in various Taiwanese cities from 1st to 6th Feb 2020. Fortunately, when he was in China on 15th Dec 2019, the coronavirus outbreak has not happened yet and people are still carrying out their usual routine. 

Experience of Master Ojas during his trip: 

China: 13th – 17th Dec 2019 

He visited Nanning city which is 562km from Guangzhou. This beautiful couple from Nanning, Mr Thomas and Ms Sophie hosted the Transforming Art (TA) workshops for China.

Mr. Henry from Singapore  had also attended TA sessions in Singapore and he was inspired by Master Ojas’ teachings so he connected Master Ojas with Thomas & Sophie from Nanning.

When Master Ojas arrived at Nanning at Mr Thomas’s place, he saw a lot of meat being prepared as food in the kitchen. Being a vegan, he was surprised by the sight of this huge amount of meat. When he asked why was there so much meat, the host mentioned that those meat will be prepared as a welcome lunch for everyone. It was actually a very shocking experience to Master Ojas, but instead, without any hesitation, he smiled gently and spoke to Henry that meat consumption is actually unsuitable for TA practice. Later, Master inspired everyone present there to only eat vegetarian food during the TA sessions. The couple respected Master’s presence and everyone ate vegetarian food during his stay and teachings. This was the first time that Master Ojas has conducted sessions in China.

During the first 3 days, Mr Thomas and Ms Sophie were not able to engage with Master Ojas’s simple teaching techniques, they think that it is too simple and basic activities. Then Mr Henry (Singapore) got worried that this approach of teaching is not working. So Henry gave a gentle suggestion to Master that he should proceed to more advanced teaching techniques. Instead, Master gave a big smile, looked deep into Henry eyes and said, “Henry, you know my methods may seem so childish, funny or even silly, but you know that it is not what it seem to be, instead it can go really deep into us than we can imagine. So don’t worry, accept everything as it is and observe how things will change.” This explanation somehow balanced Henry’s worries. 

As Master Ojas always says, he is not here to give any spiritual entertainment, philosophy or any energy healing stuff. His approach is about bringing people into the deepest spontaneity and awareness, which is beyond knowledge and therefore it helps us to transform. He knows very clearly how his approach can be misunderstood as being simple but eventually it will make a whole lot of sense when people are truly involved in the entire TA course. Subsequently, Thomas and Sophie started to be more involved in the TA methods and sharing. They had a great deal of fun together while understanding the TA techniques.
Ms Cheri, from Singapore had went for this Nanning trip as well. She has given her greatest support to Master by translating his teaching into the Chinese language the whole time. The essence of TA workshops seem to resonate with everyone like Thomas, Sophie, Henry and Cheri, also for the friends and family members of Thomas and Sophie, they too truly appreciated Master’s teachings and approach. The couple had requested for Master to come back again soon.

Noteworthy point: 

The important thing we need to understand is, the skillful man who does the sculpture, he knows exactly what’s going on and why the need to remove extra layers of the rock. Observe and accept as it is, to see the beautiful manifestation of the sculpture.

India: 20th Dec 2019 to 10th January 2020

Master Ojas was contacted by his friends to conduct TA sessions in India. These friends  and their family members who joined him, knew Master from the days where he did his volunteer work in the PSSM (Pyramid Spiritual society). As Master Ojas has a deep inner connection with PSSM, he is able to meet his friends from PSSM anytime. These friends know who already knew Master Ojas, so they were able to understand Master’s wisdom easily compared to people who are new to TA techniques. He started guiding them with doing dynamic things, eg. early morning hike to the top of the hill on bare foot to carry out TA practices. He is always encouraging them to consciously try new experiences, the participants also realized that all activities involved are essential in the TA course and they were so glad to be in this journey towards self-transformation. 

Master Ojas has always given great attention towards Divine friendship, according to his consciousness, divine friendship is the most beautiful happening of life. This could also be the  reason why he named his organization as “Diviners”. 

Diviners also mean people who have angelic qualities and people who are able to give Divine friendship to the whole world. 

Cebu: 14th – 29th January 2020 

It was such a beautiful time where Diviners volunteers from Vietnam could also join in this Cebu trip. One of our Diviners volunteers, Linh from Vietnam married a Filpino man and they are living a conscious lifestyle after marriage. They had invited Master Ojas to participate in this Vegan Fest which was organised by Diviners Philippines. But this time the name was changed to Om Vegan Fest as there was a collaboration with our divine friend Windy who is a Reiki healer. In the collaboration with Windy, the fest had the support of Maayo group of Medical & Hotels. The Om Vegan Fest was held in the most beautiful setting. Master also gave the whole credit of the fest to Windy due to her great involvement and commitment towards the organising. 

During the duration of the OM Vegan fest, TA sessions were also conducted during the evenings, there were participants from France, USA and Philippines joining the sessions. The TA sessions were an awesome experience for all due to their great involvement and participants also benefited from Master’s guidance. During the Cebu stay, our Divine friend, Tony has also hosted Master and the Diviners volunteers for a stay at his home, we were all grateful for  Tony’s unconditional support.

Noteworthy line: 

Master Ojas says, Support will always be there for you, the only thing you need to do is to allow it to happen. Be a great contributor to experience a great collaboration. 

Taiwan: 31st January to 6th Feb 2020 

Taiwan is a totally new place to Master Ojas, he has never physically been to Taiwan. Although there were some attempts by Master’s Singaporean friends to connect with their Taiwanese friends, but due to their unavailability there wasn’t a chance to meet anyone. But Master knowing  his flow has never depended on external connection said that this will not be an issue at all, instead it will be the flow of Divinity. If there is no one there, it will not be a problem, as whoever has the need will find him or whenever a collaboration that is needed will happen. So the most interesting part in this trip was he doesn’t even know anyone in the city, but he created an opportunity to teach meditation to some locals, there were some inspired participants and has requested tol conduct TA session the next time he comes to Taiwan.

Noteworthy point: 

No matter whether help is there or not, just keep going and keep doing. When there is a will, there is a way and once you have great involvement in whatever you are doing, the whole universe will start supporting you.

Singapore: 12th to 20th January

Master has a great friend, Ms Orange from Singapore, every time he visits Singapore she is the one who supports master unconditionally. Because of her support during his entire Singapore stay, TA sessions were smoothly carried out. Diviners has also collaborated with Union yoga Ayurveda Singapore to host the TA sessions, all sessions were successfully carried out. There were participants from Switzerland, India, South America, Indonesia and Singapore joining the session, it was an awesome sharing experience during the sessions. During the time in Singapore, Master stayed at Orange’s home, he spent some time with her children 12yrs old & 9yrs old, he found that her children have great involvement with the essence of life. When Master taught them about meditation, they were so interested and when Master explained about animal sufferings and the importance of being a vegetarian, the children understood and both children accepted being vegetarians to his surprise. He appreciates the way how his friend, Orange, disciplines her children, the experience she gives them is so beautiful. 

Noteworthy point: 

Unity makes things simple, 

Be in unity with everything you see, 

It may be a thing, animal or person. 

Unity makes everything easy. 

Vietnam, 22nd February

Finally he arrived in Vietnam on the 22nd Feb 2020, the vietnamese Diviners team was eagerly awaiting to see Master and listen to his traveling experiences. In February, Master conducted his TA sessions in Ho Chi Minh. After his long trip, this was another intense session by him. His sharing for TA became clearer as he could see  a deeper involvement when he explained the TA methods.

Noteworthy point: 

Go to new places, meet new people, do new things consciously. Check yourself for who are you during that time and accept the flow. This is one of the keys to unfolding the self.

During his Vietnam stay in Feb and March, he started a TA 21 days course which was currently going on with the intense practice with Coronavirus issues going on in the city.

During the 21 days course, Master said, 

You don’t need to be in panic about the virus even though everyday you see death cases arising from it. 1000 or 2000 or 5000 people may have died from the pandemic, but remember every day there are thousands of people dying from pollution and suicidal cases due to financial problems. Millions of birth and death takes place everyday, so what.

Death is so common in life, be wise and celebrate death. 

But of course we need to take precautions against the virus, we have to take social responsibility and be in discipline to support the government measures for the virus control.

But there is also no need to panic and no need to keep worrying about the coronavirus. 

Pandemic comes and goes, all we need to do is learn from the reminder from it, and let life become better and aligned with the flow of nature.

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