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(to start a New Year for a New Lifestyle)

Time: 08/01/2021 – 15/01/2021
Location: Phú Quốc Island
Facilitator: Ms Vy Dương
Support by: Mr Stephan and Ms Aneta (vegan cooking)
The fee is 6.5 millions per person ( include only food and accommodations , you should arrive to the place by yourself)
Come with friend! Pay just 10 mln for both.
From 31 or 35 people who registered and paid from 1 to 5 will get pay back 2 mln!
From 35 to 40 people join people registered and join from 6 to 10 will get pay back 1 mln!
From 40 to 48 people join and people registered and join from 11 to 18 will get gifts our products ( equal 500.000)
After the retreat we have 3 days purification – free for people who joined 7 days Retreat, from 16 January to 18 January ! You can enjoy our space, practice, juice, beach, island, friends etc.

Besides 7-day retreat, participants can stay for 3-day purification course from 16-18/01/2021 (free). Round trip air ticket Ho Chi Minh – Phu Quoc is from 1.300.000 vnd depends on date and time. Let’s give time for yourself to go inside and take care of your body and mind.
Please find the registration link here:

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Do you think about something new for yourself in the 2021 New year comming? 
☘️ What do you want to have?
New clothes, dresses, Comestics?
New glass, bike?
New car, house?
☘️ Do you feel bad emotions inside? Something what you didn’t want it was happening and what you want it not happening then you had been becoming sad and disappointed?)
You didn’t want to be angry but it easy came.
You didn’t want to hurt other but you still couldn’t control your mind?)
☘️ Are you feeling worries, guilty , lack?
Lack of money
Lack of relationship
Lack of skill in communications?
Lack of caring, love, supporting?
Lack of energy?
In case we have these thinking and feeling than we are still in old version. These people are always suffering, no having freedom, no having happiness.
So what is right solutions?
💎 The people need right understanding ( such as understand about the law of nature and univers that are effecting each of us)
The people need properly guiding, properly method and properly practicing.
💎 Practicing with master (someone) who had this experience and with the group (divine energy) to lift up and to be inspired you to go far in your transforming journey.
💎 In order to Become New Version and have New Lifestyle with Happiness, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Harmony, Abundance we need long and deep practicing with the group and master until you can practice alone.
The retreat 7 days is necessary and special important for self to prepare for our transforming journey easily and quickly without any worry just enjoy in each moment in our life.
May all be Happy, Be Peaceful, Be Joyful and Abundant
SCHEDULE: Retreat 7 days at Phu Quoc Island (January 8 – January 15)
Morning time
· 4:00 Wake up !!!
· 4:30-6:30 Awaking up, refreshing body and mind (by Yoga, Qigong, breathing exercises, take a shower with cool water and Meditation)
· 6:30-7:00 Lemon or Apple Vinegar water for purification
· 7:00-8:00 Have breakfast with full nutrition, light and fresh
· 8:00-9:00 Take rest in silent will help body get the best energy
· 9:00-12:00 Sharing and practicing at the Resort and on the Beach (Understanding about secrets, laws and operating of the universe, follow the nature, some practices about healing processes though Art and Meditation, Conscious cooking, Art of eating, understanding about Meditation and practicing deep on meditation, ect… see more on the detail of the program)
Afternoon time
· 12:00-1:00 Have Lunch in fullest and loving
· 1:00-2:00 Savasana Meditation (Deep relax in mindfulness and gratitude)
· 2:00-3:00 Herb and Hymalaya Salt Bath (Refresh body and mind before practice hard and deeply )
· 3:00-5:00 Sharing and practicing persistently until you have feeling working hard in order to reach your higher ability, the purpose here is enhance your frequence, vibration and your energy (including Yoga for brain and Meditation) 💪
· 5:30-6:00(6:30) Enjoy Sunset with friends in connecting and feeling deeply about changing day and night
· 6:00-7:00 Have Dinner in Gratitude and Happy
· 7:00-7:30 Relax in mindfulness
· 7.30-8:30 Meeting and sharing with individual (5 people/ night)
· 8.30-9:30 Together practice Prana Yama ( to calm down the mind) and meditation
· 9:30 Go sleeping in awaking with gratitude and fullest
Please make strong determination follow the rules and teacher guidance! In order to get the best benefits you should follow processes. Otherwise no need to join, it’s not entertainment it’s hard work, so work hard and let other work hard.
Your present for practicing together is the precious gift in supporting for your transforming journey and our friends
May all be healthy, peaceful, happy and liberated!:) Thank you to you all!💪☯❤
* Contact Heart line: 0905 942 388 (Ms Vy Duong, for advice on questions and problems you have)
* Contact Help line: 0916947790 (Mr. Hieu, for further instructions and assistance with flight booking)

Duong Le Vy
Account number: 0181002168757
Branch Nam Sài Gòn

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