Keep saying YES to life, Life brings you Celebration

  • 01/06/2020
  • Ojas Oneness
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I am not a confident person.
Daily meditation is just not possible.
My health condition is not supporting what I wish to do.
I get daily headaches.
My children have not been going to school for the last 3 months because of this covid lockdown, I’m unable to control them and when I shout at them I’ll get a headache.
I don’t know what is happening to me,
I am unable to control myself.

The above expressions are from a mother who feeling stressed in life.
She approached Master Ojas Oneness.

Master replied her:
“These expressions above are a reflection of your unconsciousness. It’s a mental prison and let me tell you, there is a way to come out of it.”

The formula is:
First, We have to accept everything as it is

Second, know that we are the creators of our own reality

Third, Surrender to Master & meditation practice.

Fourth, 100% commitment to practise all the exercises and guidelines given by mentor or master.

Fifth, Be a scientist of your own mind, constantly research how your mind tricks you.

Sixth, use your time wisely for the right information, make use of the internet and books to study the power of right efforts and conscious living.

Seventh, keep teaching your compassion that you have learnt to your loved ones around you.

Every physical thing in the life is a temporary happening. Know that if you are 100% ready, everything in this universe exists to support you.

Keep saying YES to life,
Life brings you Celebration.

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