Give Freedom and Receive Freedom;

  • 20/08/2019
  • Ojas Oneness
  • 160

This is the Law of Freedom.

The first step of freedom begins within us.

Our freedom will expand as large as the sky when we accept the freedom of another.

Everyone is free, already; just as you are in actuality. You just may not see it yet.

Freedom is not just entertainment. It is everywhere.

It’s in our work… it’s in our relationships it’s in our Being.

Money can’t give freedom; it only gives comfort.

Comfort is not freedom; freedom is beyond comfort.

Society does not know what freedom is.

This is because society is structure, is containment, is order. There we want to win the people; we want to gain


There is a lot of expectation from our relationships.

Freedom is Beyond these things.

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