Earth Day April 22, 2020 Message from Master Ojas Oneness

We lived in our mothers’ womb for 9 months and we are also living on Mother Earth. Our mother’s womb helped us to form our little body and gave us space to form our consciousness at the same time Mother Earth has given us everything, imagine life without water, fire, soil & plants. We only lived in our mother’s womb for 9 months but we respect our mother a lot and always grateful to take care of her. In this case, we are all living on Mother Earth for at least 60 to 90 years on average and using or taking advantage of the resources of our earth, so think about how much caring, gratitude and respect our Mother Earth deserves.

WE have one Mother in 3 forms

Physical, environmental and eternal, it’s our responsibility to care for our mother in the 3 forms.

Physical Mother: the mother who given us a Biological body and supported and nourishes us with her love and caring.

Environmental form: Air, water, soil are the foundation of life without them our survival not exist. We are the responsibility to protect our mother in the environmental form.

Eternal form: which is a source of every existence of every being, which is the source of the universal happenings. having great surrender towards eternal mother keeps life always healthy and healing.

My dear friends, so let us care for our mother in these 3 forms.
Earth Day means its like our mother’s birthday.

Let’s Raise our awareness to keep our Air, water, Soil as much as healthy and pure.

A big bow to the mother in these 3 forms.

DIviners Team 

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